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Meet Andrea Jablow

Known and highly respected in the residential Real Estate industry as a consummate professional for both buyers and sellers; Andrea Jablow has a clear understanding of real estate on Nassau County's luxury shores.

A well seasoned real estate veteran and longtime resident of the North Shore of Long Island, Jablow knows a myriad of geographic, cultural and historic details about the famed
Gold Coast she calls home. All of this compounded with her innate understanding of people and lifestyles make her an ideal Gold Coast agent.

Andrea gets top results by truly wanting the best for both her residential buyers and sellers alike.

The Expert in the Field

Luxury Marketing Expert – In today’s real estate environment, really no different from any other time period, expertise and professionalism stand out. Moreover, examples of that competency should be viewed as the blue ribbons of success. It’s clear that Andrea knows the importance of a strong educational background. Her designations are not merely a representation of ‘class room continuing education’ criteria but of her ability to work in the luxury markets. One of the most sought after marks of accomplishment is the Luxury Home Marketing Institute’s Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist (CLHMS) designation. Members of this elite network must provide documented proof of their performance in the top tier of the market. Realtors must continue to demonstrate their expertise in the luxury markets.

Life's Learned Lessons

Andrea draws from her own life's lessons. Over the years, she’s developed an intuitive perspective on the emotional, financial and physical demands that selling one's residence can incur - whether moving to a grander home, scaling back or even relocating entirely! In her own life, Jablow has moved many times during the last 15 years and acquired an extraordinary sensitivity & unique perspective as a result of these relocations. These life experiences are what motivated her to enter the field of Real Estate.

Of all of her life experiences, Jablow is most proud of having raised her twins who are successful professionals. Her daughter is a well-respected cosmetic Dentist in New York City and her son a successful Financier on Wall Street.

Her daughter and friend, Dr. Jennifer Jablow, graduated from NYU Dental School where she was awarded a full academic scholarship. She continued another year of post graduate periodontic residency at NYU and participated in many research projects. In the years following her studies, Dr. Jablow worked her entrepreneurial zeal. She is catalyst, creator, innovator and marketer of a revolutionary ‘smile making’ product - intelliwhite. The accolades are wide and varied, with numerous awards, personal recognition and professional merits.   Today, the patients in her Park Avenue practice benefit from her true innovative spirit. Dr Jablow is a member of the AACD (American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry) and the ADA (American Dental Association). In her spare time, Jennifer and mother, Andrea, Mother are ardent supports of Animal Rescue and no kill Shelters.

Twin brother, Darren, remains the apple of his mother’s eye. A successful Wall Street Executive and Director of a popular automotive aficionado website, Darren earned his MBA in Finance and undergrad degree in Marketing from the University of Miami.

A Love of Thoroughbreds

On a personal note, she has been involved in the excitement of breeding & racing thoroughbred horses, although, in her own words “nothing compares to the excitement of working with her many satisfied and grateful clients.” In the earlier years, Andrea and her family raised Thoroughbred horses, breeding and racing them at the likes of Calder in Miami and tracks at Saratoga and Belmont. Many a summer was spent on the rails watching their foals’ time the turns and grow into reckonable competitors. Their progress was overseen by famed Trainer, Nick Zito, recognized for his Kentucky Derby wins with such notable champs as Thirty Six Red, Strike the Gold in addition to fillies, Storm Song and Bird Town.

“Working with horses of this nature, agile of foot, speedy and spirited, is a lot like working with people”, comments Jablow. She adds that, “While Thoroughbreds are mostly known for their racing prowess, they are also known for their riding abilities including show jumping, polo, and fox hunting. So, just like people, they are adaptable, strong willed and highly interesting to be around.”

For the local horse lovers, Jablow purchased one of her thoroughbreds from Moreton Binn, then owner of the Pen Mor Farm, the 80-acre parcel of land that ran ran along along Northern Blvd. In its heyday the farm was the largest breeder of Thoroughbred horses in the State of New York. One of Jablow’s prime equine stars, Got Clearance, won the Lindsey Frolic Stakes at Colder Race Track during the 2008 Season in Miami, FL. The rider was the remarkable up and coming star and female jockey Maylan Studart, who some call the Danica Patrick of horse racing!

Your Luxury Marketing Home Specialist Professional Background

Based on her expertise as an educator and business owner, Andrea maintains a reputation for working with discretion, efficiency and knowledge. The purchasers of luxury properties are savvy and in tune to what’s hot and what is passé. That includes residential real estate in the hyperlocal markets within Nassau, including the towns of Old Westbury, The Brookvilles, Muttontown and The Roslyn’s. This subset of affluent consumers - a demographic profile comprised of highly knowledgeable individuals –expect a higher level of expertise. This is fortified by the outcome of a research study provided by Luxury Portfolio International. This White Paper, What The Affluent Consumer Wants in a Real Estate Agent, supports the undeniable realities that today’s consumers are more in tune with residential real estate and have considerably greater expectations including:

  • Professional reputation with a strong track record
  • Thorough understanding and expertise in the luxury market
  • Ability to reach and communicate the luxury consumer
  • Represent the property with both traditional and contemporary mediums

Clearly the above is ‘obvious’ to the savvy consumer. These tools of the trade, used by the most competent luxury realtors like Andrea Jablow, serve to elevate her among her peers. Her expertise, market knowledge, track record and backing of a luxury brand with global reach are of paramount importance. Finally a strong online presence promoting and marketing luxury properties represented by Andrea must meet sustainable reporting, traffic analytics and ability to search easily. The details about the importance of offline, online marketing and social networking initiatives can be found by calling Andrea direct.

Luxury New Construction Expertise on the North Shore

Conjuring up images of opulence, turreted rooflines and majestic horse properties, the idyllic and cultural expanse that is the Gold Coast is full of its own brand of excitement. The area - border lines differ depending on the source - refers to the coastline of Northern Nassau in North Hempstead, Oyster Bay and into Suffolk County’s Huntington Township. The many towns, cities and incorporated villages that comprise The Gold Coast are a veritable melting pot teeming with culture and character, each offering their own unique styles.

Working this geographical footprint, during the course of her day, Andrea functions as a travel guide, cultural ambassador, and administrator. The affluent suburbs of The Brookvilles and Old Westbury remain her prime market areas.  Over the years, she has amassed a patrician stable of highly prized showcase transactions and network of influential luxury builders. Examples of some showcase transactions are below:

RB Shore Development has been building quality luxury residences for more than 6 decades employing the finest craftsmanship, materials and styles. One of my showcase listings, 80 Fir Drive an extraordinary custom Colonial, still holds the record for the highest price sale of a new construction home in East Hills.

Danzig Development Corporation, builders of fine homes and estates on the North Shore of Long Island is another prime example of my expertise in marketing new construction homes. This classic Georgian Colonial located at 12 Emerson was on the market for only 3 days and sold for $3,440,000. It remains one of the highest priced sales to date.

My Boys Construction, builders of fine estates incorporating smart technology on the Gold Goast, incorporated a mix of traditional and state of the art amenities. The visually appealing Hampton style architecture and rich finishes throughout was highly sought after selling in less than 6 months despite the turmoil in the real estate market. Again, 4 Forte Drive, Old Westbury remains another instance where my ability to negotiate the transaction and bring sellers and buyers of luxury residential real estate on Long Island’s North Shore is a success. In addition, the classic contemporary at 2 Partridge Drive, was another significant success having successfully listed and sold that particular property twice in just a few years.  One of the more exciting features of this property is the close proximity to the historic Meadowbrook Polo Club.


Napoleon Development Corp. Renowned luxury builders of finely crafted, custom built homes, presented this premier new construction property to the market in Roslyn Country Club located at 29 Horseshoe Lane.  At the time, this was a record breaking sale within this tony enclave. 





Building Blocks of Success - Education and Experience

Andrea graduated from University of Miami School of Education. Of note is that Andrea’s years of hard work and tenacity strongly mirrors the Mission from this higher learning establishment. Andrea spent many years teaching the youngest members in the New York Public School system. She has proven to be an integral contributor to this generation of leaders, as a provider of knowledge and an agent of change in her own right.

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